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Welcome to 48 Blocks Fine Candy!

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From Kitchen Traditions to Sweet Success

Like many stories, the 48 Blocks journey began in the kitchen where Amy and Grandma Trout spent a lot of time together making fudge and candy for themselves as well as for gifting. Amy continued the candy making traditions after Grandma passed. (To be fair, fudge remained a challenge.)

Prompted by a friend who asked why she wasn’t selling the marshmallows she shared with lucky friends and family, she launched MarshmallowMBA in the spring of 2016. After successfully building a reputation for high quality marshmallow products, the time came to make some strategic changes and 48 Blocks Fine Candy was born.

More Than Marshmallows

With 48 Blocks Fine Candy, we’re expanding beyond marshmallows and creating new offerings of caramels and fruit-based selections. We will continue to offer products to wholesale and retail customers including the popular S’morks (AKA s’mores on forks) and Krispy treats as well as bulk confectionery products.

As a woman-owned small manufacturing business, it's important to continue to communicate the economic impact of candy making and educate the customer that candy is more than chocolate. It is important for us to be good community partners

Discover Our Unique Candy Creations

48 Blocks Fine Candy handcrafts gourmet marshmallows and more for retail and wholesale customers across the United States and Canada.  We want you to forget everything you think you know about candy until you try our confections. 

Our marshmallow and fruit-based confections are naturally gluten-free, egg-free, dairy-free, fat-free, and preservative-free! From family-friendly Unicorn Vanilla marshmallow wands to pate de fruits, there is NOTHING vanilla about 48 Blocks Fine Candy!.

Thank you for joining us on this adventure!

P.S. Amy still can’t make fudge...

Candy Like You've Never Had It Before

Welcome to a new world of candy with 48 Blocks Fine Candy! Our special marshmallows and fruit confections are like nothing you've ever tasted. They're made locally with care and are catered to many different lifestyles. Get ready to try some really cool treats that do more than you thought candy could do.
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