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GamersEdge Energy Marshmallows

GamersEdge Energy Marshmallows

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For those who we've not met, our founder has a severe caffeine addiction which MAY have been obvious from the many empty coffee cups and sugar free Red Bulls strewn around the comic con booth when we were asked about creating a specialty marshmallow for the RPG and board game community.

GamersEdge Energy marshmallows are a “lifestyle” product. Each marshmallow contains a proprietary blend of ingredients supporting 4 hours of increased focus and stamina in a delicious light and creamy base. GamersEdge includes a B vitamin complex and caffeine to ensure no there is no "crash". Plus less water than energy drinks means fewer "bio breaks" when you're marathon gaming.

NOT just for RPG and e-game sessions! Prepping for final exams or certifications? Stock some GamersEdge in your backpack to stay focused. Road trip? Use GamersEdge as an alternative to energy drinks. Also loved by software developers and nurses working late shifts.

Each package of GamersEdge contains 2 items. It is not recommended to eat more than 2 marshmallows per 24 hours. 

ALLERGEN NOTICE: All GamersEdge marshmallows contain beef gelatin and are made in a facility that handles peanuts, tree nuts, dairy, wheat, and soy.

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